Feb 28 2008


Published by Michael Kass

A mere twenty minutes north of downtown Seattle, you’ll find the quiet ambience of Wedgewood. The neighborhood offers a suburban feel while still being close to the city core. The area is surrounded by the residential neighborhoods of Roosevelt/Mapleleaf (to the west), Ravenna/Bryant (to the south), and View Ridge/Sandpoint (to the east).


Wedgewood was developed in the 40s, when many of the charming Cape Cod style homes were built. These two and three bedroom homes are not brand new, but they have character. And that’s why many Wedgewood residents love them.


Wedgewood has a sleepy village flavor, where you can stroll along tree-lined sidewalks, past carefully-tended flower beds, and stop in at the local businesses along 35th Ave NE. This north-south street runs down the middle of the neighborhood. It is lined with a post office, a pharmacy, a pizza parlor, an insurance agency, a bank and several small family-run restaurants.


Wedgewood has a lot of stability.  It’s the kind of place where residents pitch in when there’s a problem. The long-standing neighborhood council is very active in block watches and community improvements. It also organizes an annual spring cleaning and community garage sale.


For those looking to live somewhere with a “hometown” feel, they can find it in Wedgewood.

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